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SNL Mocks Tennessee Republican's Instagram Messages to Male Model

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Saturday Night Live lampooned Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally after the Republican praised an LGBTQ model's racy photos on Instagram.The NBC show took aim at the Republican in a segment where Molly Kearney, who played McNally, offered explanations for his behavior to a quizzing Colin Jost.McNally, who is in a heterosexual marriage, faced an avalanche of criticism after it emerged that he posted favorable comments under risqué photos shared by model Franklyn McClure, 20, also known as "Finn."Earlier this year, McNally presided over the Tennessee Senate when it passed legislation that banned drag performances in non-age-restricted public spaces.

Gender-affirming care for children was also prohibited.Kearney, as McNally, acknowledged the bizarre incident in the segment and said: "I don't know if you noticed, but I am not good at the internet."Jost then asked why McNally responded to a "thirst trap" with a comment to McClure that read: "Finn, you can turn a rainy day into rainbows and sunshine."Kearney's McNally said: "Well, I didn't think people would find out because I used a screen name."Jost then asked: "Oh, what is the screen name?"Without hesitation, Kearney replied: "Lt.

Governor McNally."Further justifying his comments, Kearney's McNally said: "I don't discriminate. I comment on photos from all orientations.

Orientations, like, from the side, from the front, from the back. There does not have to be a but, but it helps. Whatever the photo, it's my job to encourage my constituents." Kearney's McNally added that he stood by his "traditional values."Jost then said that some of the people in Tennessee might have felt misled by McNally following the revelation.Kearney's McNally said: "It is no big deal.

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