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Dad thinks his son’s speedo is “too skimpy” for family cruise, asks the internet for advice

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A post shared by aussieBum (@aussiebum)A dad on Reddit says he will buy his son condoms, host “skinny-dipping parties” and allows his son and his friends to go streaking around the neighborhood.

But wearing a speedo on a family cruise? That’s a thread too far!In a subreddit titled, “Am I the A-hole,” the dad asks whether he overstepped his bounds demanding his 18-year-old son cover up.

He goes on to mention that Jax is a “great kid” who suffers from “TOO MUCH confidence lol.” Subscribe to our newsletter for a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) of LGBTQ+ entertainment and pop culture, served up with a side of eye-candy.The poster adds that Jax is “great looking,” “athletic” and “something of an exhibitionist…” just to further set the scene. “We arrive on the ship and set sail and Jax gets ready to head to one of the pools for the first time.

Let’s just say his swimsuit was NOT appropriate. At all. Definitely a ‘flaunt it’ type of suit,” the distraught dad writes. “I told him to put on something else.

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