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WATCH: Is gay comic Michael Henry right or wrong about overly-touchy friends?

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Related: Do some gay folk marry so their straight peers will see them as “normal”?Many viewers have chipped in with their thoughts, acknowledging that what might feel comfortable with one friend may not be so comfortable with another.“It’s not really about hotness in most cases, there’s just… like, a vibe?,” said one on YouTube. “You know, something that clicks that makes physical contact with a certain friend super comfy and safe and pleasant, while with someone else it just isn’t … it’s just how we’re wired, I think… but definitely not something I’d do on purpose to hurt someone.

Your character was definitely bitchy about it though.”Another, being blunter, said, “Consent given to one person doesn’t immediately apply to everyone in the same area.”One man shared a heartbreaking story from his own life. “In college, I had a friend.

We both came out to each other at the same time. He was my first gay friend. One day afterwards, we were walking with two of our girl friends and we all had to split up.

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