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Andrew Christian responds to criticism over its new ‘Thick’ campaign

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trans men in recent years.It’s little surprise that it’s now launched a “Thick” range, to highlight different body shapes and to show some belated love to bigger boys.Other labels, such as Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty, have been offering extra large sizes for some time and using plus-size models.That said, when Andrew Christian announced its new range yesterday, it did not get the reaction it probably hoped for.

Posting a photo to Twitter of six models naked or in jockstraps, a caption reads, “THICK is coming in a few days at” The hashtags #bodypositivitymovement #inclusivity were added at the end.

We’ve cropped the image below as it contains nudity. It’s great to see the label using some bigger guys. However, some questioned whether the imagery and models were still “inclusive” enough to warrant the #inclusivity label.“Would be nice if there were some brown skin colours present lmao, especially considering the title of this comes from AAVE,” said one person on Twitter.AAVE stands for “African American Vernacular English”. “Thick” is similar to “thicc”, which is often used to describe chunky or stocky Black guys.

It’s also shorthand for “thickset”.HELLO!?Here are a few more of the reactions.*Buys Carter Wear* We support black-owned business over herrrrre.And the light brown people are all nude…in an advertisement for underwear. ?????Where the black boys???????They can keep these cheap ass underwear ?Um can we get some diversity in the color palette for this ad?

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