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Zombie realness

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Drew Minard and the other Beetlejuice clones Being dead slays for ‘Beetlejuice’ actor/dancer Drew Minard RICH LOPEZ | Staff writer Just after opening night last Tuesday, Feb.

20, actor and dancer Drew Minard realized that they had just played to their biggest crowd ever. They and the cast of Beetlejuice have taken over the Music Hall at Fair Park for Broadway Dallas until March 3.

This is a big time for the performer, this being their first tour since they were 12 years old and playing the title role in Billy Elliot.

Now, at 23, Minard is serving up zombie realness in the touring musical Beetlejuice. “I get to be a zombie football player, a zombie cheerleader, and other characters which definitely makes for a fun show,” they said. “That means a lot of makeup and costume changes, so it’s a lot of work.

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