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Gay Atlanta: Why The Big Peach Is an LGBTQ-Friendly City

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Atlanta, GA is a booming city with lots to see and do. Perhaps that’s why more than 100 million people arrive at its airport each year.

But did you know that Atlanta is one of the gay capitals of America? The city is a hub for LGBTQ+ tourists, attracting people from all over the world who want to enjoy the city’s gay attractions and learn about its important place in LGBTQ+ history.

Want to find out more about gay Atlanta and why you should visit? We’ve created a guide to this underrated LGBTQ+ capital for you to enjoy.

A Brief History of Gay Atlanta Atlanta has a long and proud gay history. Only a month or so after the famous Stonewall Riots in 1969, Atlanta police raided George Ellis’ Film Forum, disrupting a screening of Andy Warhol’s Lonesome Cowboys to take pictures of the audience.

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