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Dee Snider's Cyndi Lauper Remark Takes Off Online

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Senate subcommittee hearing at the Capitol in 2015 around efforts to prevent and end youth homelessness, began circulating on X, formerly Twitter, this week.X user, @imshanereaction shared the clip in which Lauper is explaining how LGBTQ+ youth are disproportionately more likely to be homeless."If you look at the whole country, only up to seven percent of American youth identify as gay or transgender.

But yet the homeless population has up to 40 percent [of LGBTQ+ youth], so you can see the disparity," Lauper said in the clip. "And you can see there's something bigger at play here."Basically the kids come out [as LGBTQ+] and they get thrown out.

Or they run away because they feel unsafe or unwanted, and I ask you, 'is that acceptable?'"I say no, and no young person should be left without a home because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity."Lauper added: "The truth is they don't even choose their identity.

You know, it's like you choosing the color of your eyes, you know, you're born that way."The clip was posted to X with the caption: "Cyndi Lauper going to the U.S.

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