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How would you feel about a friend who informs you the guy you’re hooking up with has HIV?

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want to know.”“Well that’s you,” replies Michael. “And as you say, you’re confused.”Michael goes on to say that he’s capable of asking the questions he needs to ask of a sex partner as and when he needs to ask them.

He reminds his friend that revealing someone else’s HIV status without their permission is “out of line.”Online, many have praised the video.“Michael you are an angel to gays everywhere.

Please keep speaking your truth and shining your light!” said one.Another added, “Absolutely brillant and important!” while someone else simply said, “Thank you.

As an undetectable poz guy, I truly appreciate this video.”However, not everyone agreed with Michael’s message.“I get the point of this video, but many people aren’t open about the status.

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