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“I have achieved what I wanted to”: Scotland’s first gay footballer Zander Murray to retire

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Zander Murray has announced his retirement from football. Back in September 2022, the talented striker made history as the first Scottish senior football player to come out as gay. “First, it feels like the weight of the world is now off my shoulders…It can be difficult, and you can feel very alone,” he said via the club’s website.

Since coming out, Murray has continued to make waves in the sports world with his LGBTQIA+ activism and dynamic plays on the field.

However on 26 December, the 32-year-old shocked fans when he announced that he would be stepping away from football.  “The big thing is, it’s my final season as a footballer.

I think you just know when your time is up, and that’s where I’m at. You just know when the right time is,” he revealed during a recent interview with the BBC.   “I have achieved what I wanted to.

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