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The CDC has an important reminder for gay and bisexual men

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both shots of the mpox vaccine. Getting two shots boosts your immunity. The warning comes amidst fears of a resurgence in the infection, previously known as monkeypox.Yesterday, the CDC issued the results of the first real-world study into the effectiveness of the vaccine.

That means a study undertaken during an actual outbreak rather than under trial conditions. They studied over 900 people in 12 different regions of the US.

Of these, 300 had been vaccinated, while 600 had not.The study took place between Aug. 19, 2022, and March 31, 2023.The results were clear.

One shot of the vaccine led to 75% protection against the mpox virus. Two shots led to 86% protection.If you’re HIV+, the vaccine was 70% effective after two doses and 51% for a single dose.After vaccination, it is still possible to become infected with mpox.

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