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Kennedy McDowell is an out gay college football star who was never in the closet

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draped in a rainbow flag.Despite growing up in conservative Texas, McDowell never felt the need to hide. That is, until he started visiting colleges.

As a consensus three-star recruit with explosive pass-rushing skills, he fielded offers from traditional powerhouses such as Notre Dame and the University of Colorado, which is coached by NFL legend Deion Sanders.

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He was trying to “fit the part,” until he realized there was no part to fit.At CSU, he immediately felt at home. His peers embraced him from the start.When reflecting on his freshman season, McDowell’s favorite memories involve bonding with his new football family. “I would definitely have to say working out with everybody, and getting a feel for my new football family,” he told Queerty. “Growing up, in middle school, I had my football team.

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