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Meme shows how our founding fathers were really our drag mothers
A perennially popular meme quote reminds us that the United States was built on drag: “If you think it’s weird for grown men to put on wigs, heels, rouge, and stockings… I have bad news for you about the founding fathers.”Happy Fourth ??— Amy Siskind ???? (@Amy_Siskind) July 4, 2021Related: Cookie metaphor perfectly shuts down religious objections to same-sex marriageIndeed, powdered wigs were an indicator of wealth around the time those 56 dudes signed the Declaration of Independence, according to Mental Floss, and the American Battlefield Trust reports that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe all wore wigs.And yes, men also wore rouge in the 1700s, per Gizmodo. Just look at that famous portrait of George Washington, and you’ll see some suspiciously rosy cheeks.Related: This is the perfect clapback for the idea that gayness is a ‘choice’Anyway, there’s no word on the mastermind behind this meme, but it appeared on iFunny back in 2019, and it’s been quoted on social media countless times since.In fact, Paul Deasy, the mayor of Flagstaff, Arizona, tweeted a version of the quote in 2021, as he told his populace that the drag-queen story hour at the local library would continue.Drag Queen Story Hour at the Library will continue.
'Virtue-signalling insanity' Piers Morgan on ruling over transgender cyclist Emily Bridges
Piers Morgan, who has been campaigning against transgender people competing in women's sport for years, took to Twitter in celebration."Finally, a ray of common sense shines up from the virtue-signalling insanity," he wrote jubilantly in view of almost eight million followers.If she had taken part, 21-year-old Emily would have been up against some formidable competition, including five-times Olympic champion Laura Kenny.However it is believed that those who were assigned male at birth face physical advantages against those who were born female, including levels of the hormone testosterone.Although the hormone is present in both males and females, it is men who have significantly higher amounts of it - and the substance, which promotes the building of muscle, is one of the factors in men having an athletic advantage.The Union Cycliste Internationale requires their contestants to have had testosterone levels that are below five nanomoles per litre for at least a year prior to competing.However the association has confirmed that Emily does not meet the criteria and British Cycling subsequently issued a statement to say so.It read: "We have now been informed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) that under their current guidelines Emily is not eligible to participate in this event."Piers had earlier hit out over the victory of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas in the 500-yard freestyle swimming contest in the USA's NCAA Championships, deeming it "unfair".World Athletics President Lord Sebastian Coe has taken the same stance as Piers, arguing in his professional capacity that decisions to allow transgender athletes and sportspeople to compete is placing the "integrity" of women's sport under threat.He has insisted that
Feminists Against Lia Thomas in NCAA Finals Feel 'Politically Homeless'
Republicans pledging to prevent allowing transgender women to compete on women's teams, with many Democrats embracing transgender athletes, supporting efforts to increase inclusion.However, some self-identified feminists have taken issue with Democratic support for Thomas and other transgender swimmers.A group of feminist activists protested outside the women's NCAA swimming championships on Thursday—where Thomas became the first-ever transgender NCAA Division I champion by winning the women's 500-yard-freestyle.They told Fox News the Democratic Party's support of transgender athletes makes them feel "politically homeless.""With the whole Biden election, I began to feel more and more disenfranchised from Democrats as a party, and I began to feel more and more that they did not represent my beliefs or my views," Amy Sousa, one of the protesters, told the news station.Another protester, who was not identified by name, added: "I always voted as a liberal, from 18 to 39. I registered Republican in 2020 after two politicians told me they did not want my vote because of my stance on the rights for women and girls."Still, many others have defended Thomas' inclusion on the women's team.Olympian and Stanford University swimmer Brooke Forde, who lost to Thomas, said in January she did "not have a problem racing against Lia at NCAAs this year.""I believe that treating people with respect and dignity is more important than any trophy or record will ever be," she said, adding that she has "great respect for Lia."Republican-led legislatures in various states have passed laws meant to restrict transgender athletes from competing on the team that corresponds with their gender identity.