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Lee Pace spent his 44th birthday is his birthday suit—and we’re still celebrating

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Foundation and the hilarious murder mystery Bodies Bodies Bodies—and he celebrated by posting a series of photos on Instagram, a number of which featured him shirtless.You simply love to see it!A post shared by Lee Pace (@leeepfrog)If you just scrolled through those pictures, we can almost guarantee you stopped to zoom in on the following—because we did, too.

But what’s going on here, exactly? Is Pace… naked? Is he sunning those buns out in the open desert? It sure looks like it….Also in the past year, Pace “came out” as a married man, confirming in an interview with GQ Hype that he has tied the knot with Matthew Foley, an executive for fashion brand Thom Browne.He previously had the following (adorable) thoughts to share about married life:“What I’ll say about being married, it was once described to me as an endless sleepover with your weirdest friend.

In our experience, that is absolutely true,” Pace said. “If you’ve found one person you can be weird around, hold on tight.”Among Pace’s birthday carousel of photos was this choice shot of him with Foley, which sent our hearts a’flutter:Foley shared some snaps to mark the special day, too.

We’re especially fond of this photo, where the husbands—both in khaki shorts and sun hats—stare lovingly at one another, presumably with the green, wide-open acreage of their upstate New York home behind them.happy birthday babe ??

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