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Heartstopper star Kit Connor reveals reason behind recent transformation

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Kit Connor’s recent transformation is a result of backlash from Heartstopper fans. The actor’s trainer, YouTuber and fitness model Nathaniel Massiah, recently shared a new video titled “Training Movie Star Kit Connor For His Next Film.” Massiah also posted some stills on Instagram, which shows Connor looking significantly more “jacked” than his appearance in the first season of the breakout Netflix series.

In the video, Massiah asked Connor about the details behind his newfound love for working out, to which he responded: “The reason I got into the gym was kinda deep, to be honest. “When I got cast in Heartstopper, it’s based on a comic book and the character that I’m based on is like 6 foot 2, very big.

I was shorter than I am now and skinnier.” When Connor’s casting was announced, he said there was resistance from select fans who claimed he was “a bit too skinny” to play the character of Nick Nelson, for which he won the Children’s and Family Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Performance. “I saw that and was like, ‘Shit.’ I just started eating loads.

I was like, ‘If I’m eating this much, I might as well [train].’ I started just doing push-ups, I was doing like 200 push-ups a day and then the only thing that was developing was my chest,” continued Connor. “There’s bits, if you look at Heartstopper, there’s a couple points where I’m wearing quite a tight shirt and… Yeah, the boobies were looking quite large.

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