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Melissa McCarthy’s not just a drag fan & ally, she was also a drag performer who appeared at Wigstock

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IG post defending drag and folks in the LGBTQ+ community saying her Ursula role in The Little Mermaid should’ve gone to a drag queen, the star is getting it from all sides.

What neither camp seems to be considering (or possibly even aware of?) is McCarthy’s own past as a drag performer. Not the one night only, Lizzo as Amazonia Prime, Bad Bunny in “Yo Perreo Sola” drag performance, but a truly defined queen character.This extravaganza was back in her pre-fame days in the early ’90s when she was hustling in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen and rooming with super-hot shoe designer Brian Atwood.

She told the tale of Atwood and friends prompting her to take the stage in full geish to Rolling Stone years ago.“It was me there with my lovely gay guy friends and I was dressed like a big old drag queen,” she said. “I went by Miss Y.”The name seems to have been derived from “Missy”, a nickname Atwood refers to her with later in the piece.“I had a gold lamé swing coat on, a huge wig, big eyelashes,” she recalled. “I talked about being incredibly wealthy and beautiful and living extravagantly, and the first night worked great.

It was such a happy, good feeling, and it gave me such confidence.”Even clockwork isn’t this reliable.Miss Y wasn’t relegated solely to the stage, either.

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