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Nicholas Galitzine’s queer characters ranked, from Legends to Mary & George

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Who reigns supreme? Angelo, Connor, Timmy, Henry or George? WORDS BY SAM DAMSHENAS HEADER BY YOSEF PHELAN The maths are in: 31.25% of Nicholas Galtizine’s roles are of the limp-wrist nature.

With five out of 16 of his characters (not including his trailblazing role as “barista” in After Louise) identifying as members of the LGBTQIA+ community, the British actor has become one of the most notable faces in queer storytelling over the past decade. (That number increases to 37.5% with the inclusion of Bottoms, the lesbian comedy in which he stars as a straight himbo jock.) In an interview with HuffPost UK, Galitzine – who identifies as a straight – explained that his attraction to queer roles stems from his intrigue in “that underbelly of vulnerability and having to hide oneself,” adding: “I’m very interested in identity. […] I think they’ve all just been really rich characters in of themselves.” To commemorate the lovely rainbow tint over Galtizine’s filmography, we’ve ranked all of his queer characters (so far!), from his debut television performance as an MI6 agent’s secret lover in Legends to his lauded performance as a versatile king-fucker in Sky Atlantic’s Mary & George.

Extremely important journalism lies ahead. 5. Legends (2015) In 2015, a 20-year-old Galitzine made his first-ever small-screen appearance with a guest role on TNT’s short-lived crime drama Legends, which stars Sean Bean as an undercover FBI agent who transforms into a different person for each case. (I wonder if he perishes in this one?) The season two episode ‘The Legend of Terrence Graves’ tells the story of former MI6 handler Terrence Graves, who has been blackmailed for years over his homo romance with a man called Angelo (Galitzine).

Although it’s a very minor appearance via flashbacks, the scenes are still referenced by thirsty social media accounts – I haven’t looked, I swear! – as a result of Galitzine’s lack of… wardrobe.

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