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NFL kicker Harrison Butker wants gays to stop feeling proud & women to get back into the kitchen

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Joe Biden‘s COVID policies, and less than two minutes to proclaim the president supports the “murder of innocent babies.”Gee, do you have any idea where this could be going?!Subscribe to our newsletter for a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail) of LGBTQ+ entertainment and pop culture, served up with a side of eye-candy.“I have leaned into my vocation as a husband and a father and a man,” said Butker. “Men set the tone of the culture, and when that is absent, disorder, dysfunction and chaos set in.”From there, it didn’t take long for the religious zealot to rip the LGBTQ+ community.

Butker railed against “dangerous gender ideologies” and slammed Pride. He said Catholic people should take “pride” in atavistic teachings, not homosexuality.“Not the deadly sins sort of Pride that has an entire month dedicated to it, but the true God-centered pride that is cooperating with the holy ghost to glorify him,” he lectured.A three-time Super Bowl champ, Butker is one of the best kickers in NFL history.

He holds the record for the most field goals in a single Super Bowl (nine) and the longest-ever field goal in a Super Bowl (57 yards).

But still… he is just a kicker! Butker sits on the sidelines for almost the entire game, watching his teammates risk their bodies on the field.

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