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I Kissed a Girl’s powerful discussion about struggling to say ‘lesbian’ is so relatable

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Just Like Us ambassador Lily Kirkby reflects on the cast of I Kissed a Girl’s “bold and raw conversation” about their use of the word ‘lesbian’.

WORDS BY LILY KIRKBY HEADER BY YOSEF PHELAN As a twenty-something lesbian with a (guilty) penchant for reality TV, who keenly followed BBC Three’s groundbreaking I Kissed a Boy when it premiered last year, it is safe to say that the announcement that Dannii Minogue would be returning to our screens this summer to host the original’s sapphic ‘sister-series’, I Kissed a Girl, had me very excited!

The first few episodes have certainly not disappointed. Beyond the beautiful sun-soaked Italian masseria and expected level of romantic chaos, it was a discussion between the cast in the second episode regarding the label ‘lesbian’ that really struck a chord with me.

One of the cast members and fellow northerner, Georgia, spearheaded the conversation by asking the girls – in a faux-whispered tone – how they felt about the word ‘lesbian’.

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