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Oklahoma Republicans keep the hate coming

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Oklahoma’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters, left, and Republican state Sen. Tom Woods, right. ‘Ryan Walters, Oklahoma’s superintendent of  public instruction, this week called out what he called “radical leftists” for using the Feb.

8 death of non-binary Owasso High School student Nex Benedict to further a political agenda while at the same time claiming that Nex’s death had nothing to do with them having been beaten up by three girls in a school bathroom the day before and denying that anti-LGBTQ policies and laws — like those promoted and enacted by Walters and Oklahoma Gov.

Kevin Stitt — encourage an atmosphere of homophobic hate and bullying. In that same interview with The New York Times, Walters also said, “There’s not multiple genders.

There’s two. That’s how God created us.” Non-binary or transgender people do not exist, he added. Walters’ claim that Nex did not die as a result of the beating was apparently based on a statement last week by an Owasso Police Department spokesman that an autopsy  indicated Nex did not die from the assault.

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