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Robert Wone Revisited

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(Image via Peacock TV) Peacock TV is running a new miniseries called Who Killed Robert Wone? that does a fresh, deep dive into the 2006 murder of 32-year-old Robert Wone, who slept over at a friend's D.C.

home and wound up sexually violated and stabbed to death. In spite of the fact that Wone died very soon after arriving in what should have been a safe space, the three men in the home (Joe Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward) have always steadfastly professed their innocence — even when it was proven in court he was not murdered by an intruder, and even after they settled a wrongful death suit with his grieving widow.

I recommend the show, and I hope those bastards never know a moment of peace, but it seems we will never know the full truth of what happened to this guy.

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