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Ukrainian MP introduces bill to legally recognize same-sex couples

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A Ukrainian MP has introduced a bill that would extend legal recognition to same-sex couples. Inna Sovsun in a series of tweets notes 56 percent of Ukrainians “support same-sex partnerships” and she hopes “the majority of the Parliament, including [President Volodymyr Zelenskyy)’s party will take the lead from the people.” “Ukrainians can no longer wait for equality,” said Sovsun. “We must do it immediately.

LGBT Ukrainians deserve to have a family. Every day can be their last. Just like for any other Ukrainian. There is no time for hesitation.

Let’s legalize same-sex partnerships in Ukraine already this year.” Russia on Feb. 24, 2022, launched its war against Ukraine. “Every day, Ukrainian LGBT military personnel put themselves in danger protecting us,” said Sovsun. “Yet if they are in relationships, the state does not recognize those.

This means that their partners do not have the same benefits as partner (sic) in heterosexual relationships.” “This includes some very unsettling sitaution (sic),” she added. “If (an) LGBT military person is wounded, his/her partner would not be able to make decisions about his/her medical treatment.” Zelenskyy last summer said he supports a civil partnerships law for same-sex couples.

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