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Vera Drew Was So Inspired by Todd Phillips’ ‘Joker’ That She Made an Unauthorized Parody Film About Her Trans Journey: ‘My Community Is Completely Villainized’

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William Earl administrator Although her tastes largely align with subversive voices like Eric André and Sacha Baron Cohen, Todd Phillips’ 2019 box office hit “Joker” captivated alt-comedian Vera Drew. “Warner Bros.

made a Batman movie about class struggle, the mental health crisis, the fact that our city structures and government systems are completely failing,” she said.

Although she notes that some audiences could have seen the moral of the story as “white men, disenfranchised men are being put down,” she took away different ideas. “I related to it as a trans woman,” she said. “My family system failed me.

My government is still failing me constantly, and for some reason, I still have to pay them taxes next month. I related to that core element of just wanting to make art and put myself out there.

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