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Watch: Daily Wire Host Claims Having a Transgender Child Is ‘Like a Death of a Child While They’re Still Alive’

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Matt Walsh, the far-right Daily Wire host and author who has been attacking the LGBTQ community for years calls having a transgender child “like a fate worse than death,” and “like a death of a child while they’re still alive.” He says he has been told that when one of your children tells you they are trans it is like they have died. “The thing that makes it really personal for me is the way that kids are affected by it,” Walsh said in a podcast last week, as Media Matters reports.

He does not explain how children are affected by people coming out as transgender, but Walsh says he homeschools his children to “shield” them from the world. “I have six kids and, you know, they are — we homeschool them and we do — my oldest kids are nine, so it’s still relatively easy to shield them from a lot of this craziness.

But eventually they’re going to end up in the world and they’re going to be subjected to this.” “I hear from parents all the time, just these horror stories of, you know, I raised my kid, I did everything right.

I even homeschooled. I did, whatever. And then one day my daughter at 16 comes home and declares that she’s a boy,” Walsh says, not explaining how many parents of transgender children he talks to. READ MORE: ‘Radical Gender Ideology’: Mike Pence Goes to Iowa to Attack Transgender Children in the Name of God (Video) “And from that moment, it’s just she is devoured by this cult almost overnight and becomes unrecognizable.

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