WATCH: The “gay for pay” performers behind Broke Straight Boys tell their story in this wild docuseries

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Broke Straight Boys once or twice over the years.The adult film brand is one of the most recognized on the web that specializes in “gay for pay” content, with heterosexual men (so we’re told) typically enjoying some stiff banter before they engage in decidedly un-heterosexual relations with reckless abandon.“But, wait, are these guys really straight?,” you might ask.

If they weren’t, would that ruin the appeal for you?Well, back in 2014, a reality docu-series attempted to answer those questions—and so many more—by following along with the lives, loves, and lubes of a group of men who dared to make “gay-for-pay” a career, a lifestyle.Fittingly, that series was called Broke Straight Boys, and its eight episodes ran on gay network Here TV nearly a decade ago.Considering it aired on television, it shouldn’t be terribly surprising to learn that the series itself doesn’t feature any sex or explicit nudity, but it does show you just about everything else going on in these guys’ lives, from rehearsals to vacations to all the drama that goes down behind the scenes when the cameras are off.At its center is Mark Erickson, the owner of adult film studio BluMedia, who houses a rotating cast of young straight men in his mansion while they come to town to film scenes for Broke Straight Boys.The series logline touts itself as the story of a “dysfunctional family,” and that’s certainly one way to look at it!

As performers come and go over the course of the eight episodes, we’re treated to a fascinating glimpse into their psyches as they make their living in a career that many would call taboo.These gays, they’re trying to make me into an inadvertent adult film star!Some maintain they’re providing a fantasy—”there’s no enjoyment in.

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