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North Face defends Pride advert amid conservative pushback: “The outdoors are for everyone”

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North Face has doubled down on its Pride Month campaign and LGBTQ+ allyship after conservative backlash. Over the last few months, conservative people have made it their mission to slam and harass any brand with an LGBTQ+ inclusive message or partnership.

Back in April, Budlight came under fire after trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney took to her social media channels to promote the company’s March Madness contest whilst simultaneously celebrating her first year living as a woman.

While many of her fans celebrated the wholesome partnership, right-wing lawmakers and conservatives – including Kid Rock and Marjorie Taylor Greene – announced their boycott while also spewing violent anti-trans rhetoric.

The US-based retailer Target faced a similar reaction earlier this month after it introduced its trans-inclusive Pride Month merchandise into stores.

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