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Check out this incredible 16mm footage from Gay Pride Day in 1978

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In June of 1978, a filmmaker named Gary Davis armed with a Bolex H16 camera and a cassette recorder, set out to document the Gay Pride Day celebrations in Washington D.C.

The result was a unique two-roll documentary capturing the spirit of the LGBTQ+ community during a time when visibility was still a rarity.Shot on 16mm short film, the footage, which recently started recirulating online, captures the vibrant and colorful atmosphere of Pride, offering a glimpse into the early years of the LGBTQ+ movement when the community was still fighting for basic rights and visibility.The clip opens with a man speaking about the GAA (Gay Activist Alliance) of Washington and the group’s plans to raise awareness around educating people on gay issues and what “gays are all about.” This was in response to various initiatives and referendums that had been held around the country at the time, resulting in gay rights being removed in four cities.

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