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How sanctions on Uganda aim to undo anti-LGBTQ+ law

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Uganda’s Constitutional Court is expected to rule in the coming weeks on a legal challenge to last year’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, which allows the death penalty for some same-sex acts and 20 years in jail for “promoting” homosexuality.

LGBTQIA+ rights activists, who launched the appeal, are also urging the international community to intensify pressure on the Ugandan government to repeal the law by imposing more sanctions, but emphasised that such penalties should be targeted. “We are not calling for blanket sanctions on Uganda.

They should not affect vulnerable Ugandans,” said Frank Mugisha, executive director of campaign group Sexual Minorities Uganda. “The sanctions should be targeted against those who are pushing the Anti-Homosexuality Act.” Uganda received more than $650 million from the U.S.

and $175 million from the European Union in development aid in 2020 and LGBTQIA+ rights campaigners say that should not be suspended.

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