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Judaism's Stance on Gender Is Clear, Despite Attempts To Rewrite Torah | Opinion

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I observed then that "few things have been said about Judaism by its purported adherents that are more clearly untrue." Now, following a new wave of opinion pieces and even news articles over the past few months, it seems necessary to add another item to the list: the notion that Judaism recognizes a range—perhaps even a "multiplicity"—of genders.These claims popped up almost overnight, like mushrooms on a damp field after too much rain.

Left-wing clergy, parents of prepubescent children, and even a sitting member of Congress all tried to obscure the obvious and promote the preposterous.The idea of a "gender identity" distinct from biological sex is, of course, entirely modern.

But there is an even more obvious reason why "gender identity" cannot be found in Torah or millennia of Rabbinic literature.

Or, it should be obvious, at least, to anyone able to read even the first chapter of the Jewish Bible, in any of the over 700 languages into which it has been translated.Genesis 1:27 declares (in English translation): "Male and female He Created them." The following chapter explains that male and female were Created together, and then separated so that husband and wife might rejoin, once again becoming "one flesh" through the forming of their offspring.

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