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Ranking 10 Grindr dupes from our fave LGBTQ+ shows & films

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Grindr is not even 15 years old, but the impact that the chaotic, geosocial gay dating app has made on queer dating, relationships, and culture will be studied for centuries.

Though LGBTQ+ people have always used chat rooms and websites to connect, the accessibility, reach, and frankly, overall horniness of the mobile-based application have made it a household name amongst the gays — and even the straights.

Our queer Neanderthal ancestors who sketched their genitalia in hieroglyphics would be shook (and jealous).As our means of hooking up evolve, gay cinema and television are taking note.

Films like 2006’s Another Gay Movie, which preceded Grindr by only three years, feel dated with references to relics of the past like Manhunt — and if you’re old enough to remember that name, do not forget your retinol cream tonight.

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