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Sean Hayes brings laughter and levity to Broadway’s ‘Good Night, Oscar’

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uncompromising queerness to 11 seasons of Will and Grace. He now harnesses his breadth of acting and piano skills for a tour de force performance as Oscar Levant.

Who?Often forgotten by history’s cold hands of time, Levant was self-described as a “verbal vampire,” known for punchy one-liners and sidekick status in Golden Age films like The Band Wagon and An American in Paris.

Comedian Jack Paar, The Tonight Show host from 1957-1962, liked Levant for his sharp tongue and virtuosic piano skills. Playwright Doug Wright lures audiences behind the scenes in Good Night, Oscar for one of Levant’s more memorable appearances.Playwright Larissa FastHorse unfurls what happens when four white adults gather to honor Native American Heritage Month.A loose-jowled chain smoker with a perpetual hand twitch, Hayes’ Levant hovers like an overcast cloud, his acerbic punchlines breaking through like blinding rays of sunshine.

This particular appearance is not without sacrifice. Levant’s wife, June (a period-perfect Emily Bergl in a gorgeous floral wasp-waist dress designed by Emilio Sosa), has had her husband committed to the mental ward at Mt.

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