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'So Invested:' Whole Internet Roots for Man Scared to Ask Out 'Gym Bro'

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caught her husband sexting his nurse after surgery, to the Mumsnet user whose husband tried to stop her from seeing her daughter, the internet is overflowing with relationship drama.

But with so many stories about love gone wrong, there are also those occasions when everything has gone right.In this case, one man had Reddit on the edge of its seat over the weekend when he shared his adorable crush on his gym buddy on the OffMyChest forum.In a post titled 'I'm in love with my gym bro' (which can be viewed here), a 22-year-old man, under the username of u/lilStupidWhore, explained he'd begun to question his sexuality after developing a crush on a guy at the gym.He wrote: "I (Male 22) fell in love with my gym bro (Male 24).

Problem being, I thought I was straight."This all started a few months ago, I noticed this guy at my gym and I knew something was immediately off."I was like nervous to even look at him, but I decided to get rid of that nervousness and just talk to him."He was actually really nice and funny and we quickly became buddies."Not long after meeting his new friend, the Redditor and his girlfriend split up.

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