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These 26 "The Last Of Us" Behind-The-Scenes Facts Will Give You The Strength To Keep Going While We Wait For Season 2

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*MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD*"The thing with puns, if you do it take after take after take, it becomes unfunny very quickly," Ramsey said during a roundtable interview with Sony. "So then, what we did, I pulled back inside jokes that we'd had." Pascal backed them up saying, "You knew exactly how to get me to laugh." Bella Ramsey told Entertainment Tonight that she and Pedro Pascal were "advised, encouraged, and ordered to stay away from it." But they didn't exactly follow those rules. "We disobeyed those orders. ...

And we didn't know that the other had been told to not [play] it, so we had a little moment like, 'Hey, did you you like, research this at all?'" And they both had.In an interview with GQ, Ramsey revealed that it was ONE DEGREE FAHRENHEIT outside! "It was very, very cold.

That scene where I meet David and James, Troy Baker's character, in the forest, that was the coldest day that we shot," they said. "My voice sort of changes a bit in that scene. ...

It's so hard to speak normally when it's that cold, like your mouth just doesn't work. ... And Ali Abbasi, the director of that episode, he likes long takes.

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