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What’s the story with Lukas Gage? Here’s all we know so far

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Euphoria, Lukas Gage has continued to generate buzz in Hollywood. In the last few weeks, the 27-year-old actor has been making headlines for everything from his scandalous roles on major television shows to his upcoming raunchy comedy Down Low to his rumored relationship with out stylist Chris Appleton.With his fame continuing to rise, get all the tea on why everyone’s talking about Lukas Gage!Lukas Gage played the role of Dillon, a hotel employee on the HBO series White Lotus.

Gage’s character is known for a racy scene in which Dillon, the hotel worker, is caught in a compromising position with Armond, the resort’s manager.

The original script simply called for Dillon and Armond to be caught engaging in sexual activity. Gage and his costar suggested a more explicit sexual encounter between the two male characters to add a more interesting twist to the scene.

The two actors worked with an intimacy coach on set to make the activity appear more realistic. The scene is often referred to as one of the most memorable moments from the show’s first season.Netflix has given us yet another opportunity to enjoy Gage’s provocative work as an emerging actor on the ubiquitous streaming service’s series You.

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