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What is conversion therapy and what is the government's position on banning it?

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plans will be reintroduced and will include the outlawing of trans conversion therapy.So what is conversion therapy, why do people want it to be banned and what are politicians' positions on the matter?What is conversion therapy?Also called cure therapy or reparative therapy, conversion therapy refers to any form of treatment or psychotherapy that aims to change a person's sexual orientation or suppress a person's gender identity.Therapies and prayer can be used, while more extreme forms can include "exorcisms, physical violence and food deprivation", Jayne Ozanne, a former government equality adviser, said.Stonewall, the LGBT charity, says conversion therapy is based on an assumption that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans is a mental illness that can be "cured".

Sandi Toksvig says archbishop told her progress on same-sex marriage in Church of England will be 'glacial' Church of England apologises for 'shameful' treatment of LGBTQI+ people Plan to ban gay conversion therapy brought back by government and will include trans conversion The NHS and other professional bodies have warned that all forms of conversion therapy are "unethical and potentially harmful".The practice is outlawed in several countries, with Canada, Germany, Mexico and Malta all having introduced a full or partial ban.Multiple US states have also introduced a ban on conversion therapy, though in many cases this does not include religious organisations or counsellors.What has the government's position been?In 2017, a national LGBT survey by the government found that transgender people were twice as likely to have been offered conversion therapy than gay and bisexual people.The survey received more than 100,000 responses, and it led Theresa May, the.

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