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Colton Haynes & James Scully travel back to 1950s Appalachia to play gay lovers in Tyler Childers’ “In Your Love”

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Colton Haynes, James Scully, and country singer Tyler Childers are about to make you cry –– in five minutes or less.The two queerties star as romantic leads in the video for Childers’ new single “In Your Love,” set to appear on his upcoming album Rustin’ in the Rain.

The clip, whichdropped on Thursday, is being touted as “the first-ever country music video with a gay storyline to be released by a major label.”The visual tells the story of a 1950s gay couple, portrayed by Haynes and Scully, who meet while working as coal miners in Appalachia.

Easily one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard @TTChilders . Such an honor to be a part of it ?? secret dates in the forest, the two forge an extremely tender relationship… until they’re discovered by a homophobic co-worker.

But like the emotional lyrics sing –– “It’s a long hard war / But I can grin and bear it / ‘Cause I know what the hell I’m fighting for” –– the couple refuses to give up on their relationship.

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