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Emma Roberts Apologized For Her American Horror Story Transphobia!

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We guess there’s hope for Emma Roberts? If you didn’t see, her American Horror Story: 1984 co-star Angelica Ross accused Emma on Tuesday of transphobia on set back in 2018.

In an Instagram Live the trans actress described two incidents in which the Nancy Drew star made a joke about her gender, both in front of others. Video: Watch Kim Kardashian ACT In The Trailer For AHS: Delicate!

WATCH! Emma seems to have taken accountability for the line-crossing mean girl behavior as Angelica tweeted on Wednesday that she had called to personally apologize.

She wrote: Is it better or worse that she apologized directly, instead of making it a public declaration? We land on the side of better, in the sense that she wasn’t simply trying to make herself look better with a PR-approved move.

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