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Angelica Ross Says Emma Roberts Called to Apologize After Being Accused of Transphobia on ‘American Horror Story’ Set

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Zack Sharf Digital News Director Angelica Ross announced on Twitter/X that Emma Roberts called and apologized to her over an alleged incident that occurred on the set of “American Horror Story: 1984.” Ross revealed during a previous Instagram Live that “Emma” (she only said Roberts’ first name and her initials at the time) intentionally misgendered her in between filming a take. “Thank you @RobertsEmma for calling and apologizing, recognizing your behavior was not that of an ally,” Ross wrote in an update to fans. “I will leave the line open to follow up on your desire to do better and support social justice causes with your platform.” In the original Instagram Live video, Ross said Roberts was joking around, saying “Anglica is being mean” while speaking with a man named John on set (presumably “AHS” director John J.

Gray). Ross, who is transgender, said John then told the two women, “OK, ladies, you know, that’s enough. Let’s get back to work.” That’s when Roberts allegedly looked at Ross and said, “Don’t you mean lady?,” implying there was only one lady between the two of them. “Like, what the fuck did you just say?” Ross remembered thinking. “I’m standing there, she walked away, my blood is boiling.

Boiling because I’m like, if I say something, it’s gonna be me that’s the problem. And I know this because there was someone who spoke up about what she was doing and they got repercussions from it.

Not her — they did.” “Wen I saw that happening, I was just like, ‘I’m done. I’m done.’ I didn’t speak to that bitch the entire time after that,” Ross continued. “She said to me she could feel the energy coming off of me.

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