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Every Star Who Came Out as Pansexual Over the Years

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Over the years, the LGBTQ+ community has made significant strides in advocating for acceptance and understanding, challenging norms and promoting inclusivity.

Among the various identities within this community, pansexuality has gained increasing visibility, with celebrities leading the way in breaking down barriers and normalizing love beyond gender boundaries.

Pansexuality refers to an individual’s capacity to be attracted to others regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. We’re taking a look at some stars who have proudly come out as pansexual over the years… Wayne Brady “To me, pan means being able to be attracted to anyone who identifies as gay, straight, bi, transsexual or non-binary.

Being able to be attracted across the board. And, I think, at least for me for right now, that is the proper place. I took pan to mean that not only can I be attracted to any of these people or types physically, but I could be attracted to the person that is there,” Wayne told People in 2023. Janelle Monáe Janelle told Rolling Stone in 2018 that she initially identified as bisexual, “but then later I read about pansexuality and was like, ‘Oh, these are things that I identify with too.’ I’m open to learning more about who I am.” Brendon Urie “I’m married to a woman and I’m very much in love with her but I’m not opposed to a man because to me, I like a person.

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