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Landlord demanded proof that I don’t have Grindr on my phone — is this a red flag?

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AskGayBros subreddit. “Found an apartment really close to where I work, looked nice, and was not expensive. I contacted the landlord and we arranged to meet so I can see the apartment in person.“We engaged in some small talk and he was talking about how nice it is to be a grandfather and things like that and asked me if I have kids or a girlfriend to which I told him I’m gay so yeah no… I immediately notice his demeanor changed a bit and I was like ‘Oh boy here comes the homophobia.’“He said that’s cool he is not opposed to it at all but he heard how gay apps are basically ‘doordash for sex’ and he doesn’t want people bringing someone every day into his apartment and making his place a sex den.“I told him that I’m not like that, I’m an introverted guy and don’t really like to meet so many people this way.

He said that he needs proof of it and demanded I show him what I have on my phone. I didn’t actually have Grindr installed so I showed him I didn’t have it.

I was going through the apps and after he saw it’s not there he made me go to the app store to see if the Grindr page says ‘download’ or ‘open’…”He continued, “I was pretty taken aback by all this but I really like the place and it is literally next to my workplace.

I’m worried though that he might do other controlling things that are not legal while I’m staying there. Do you think I should rent the place?

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