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‘South Park’ goes viral for ‘brutally honest take’ on trans rights, abortion

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“brutally honest take” on transgender rights and abortion “in this crazy woke world we’re all in.”The episode titled “Mr. Garrison’s Fancy New Vagina,” which originally aired on March 9, 2005, features fourth grade teacher Herbert Garrison trying to get an abortion because he has not menstruated.

Later in the episode, Garrison — who was born biologically male — expresses outrage due to the fact that he cannot abort (nor carry) a child, even though they paid for reassignment surgery.The episode of the animated comedy series is set in a Planned Parenthood office.

The character, temporarily identifying as Janet Garrison, walks in to demand an abortion. “Hello doctor, looks like I need an abortion,” said Garrison.

The doctor then attempts to clarify what he just heard.“Yeah, I’ve got one growing inside me,” Garrison further explained. “Now, are you going to scramble its brains or just vacuum it out?”South Park nails it!

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