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Caitlyn Jenner Says Trans Community Is 'Oversaturated'

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Breitbart, Jenner—who ran as a Republican in a special election for California governor in 2021 and lost—placed the blame for the so-called "indoctrination" of youth on Democrats.The interview comes amid political turmoil regarding how to approach transgender rights, such as allowing gender-affirming care for minors.

Several states have restricted such gender-affirming care, whereas others are in the process of strengthening transgender youth rights, such as in Washington state.

There, a new bill proposes allowing host families to approve gender-affirming care without parental consent for runaway transgender minors.Companies also are receiving backlash for support of trans people, such as a recent boycott of Bud Light after it sent transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney a beer can equipped with Mulvaney's face to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her transition."Big government left-wing liberals are all about destroying the family unit, at any cost.

That means government gets to take the place of the parents and the families," Jenner told Breitbart."Trans is not made up or fake, but it is oversaturated due to indoctrination and is the latest way the left is destroying the family unit—growing government, the indoctrination in the classroom, and the subsequent drastic increase in children being transitioned is a huge problem," she said."We won't see the true impact for years to come—but these are serious irreversible decisions and are maliciously being used by government to grow government under the guise of protecting children."Newsweek reached out to Jenner for comment through a website contact form.According to Jenner, a big part of Fairness First is about preserving parental rights in education and child sports.

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