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New York City judge fired for having an OnlyFans account

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A New York City judge has allegedly been fired for having an OnlyFans account. On 21 March, the NYC Financial Department relieved administrative judge Gregory A.

Locke from his duties due to “unprofessional behaviour” (per The New York Post). As a city administrative law judge, one of Locke’s responsibilities was handing out parking tickets.

According to the aforementioned publication, Locke’s firing stemmed from a complaint by Republican councilwoman Vicki Paladino, who received pushback from the 33-year-old after she posted a tweet opposing Drag Queen Story Hours. “An absolutely shameful display,” Paladino tweeted.

In response, Locke wrote: “Choke on a d**k Vickie.”  Despite keeping his judicial and OnlyFans work separate, Locke’s colourful statement resulted in his employer investigating the incident and his out-of-work activity.

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