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This Gay Twitter™ thread about the craziest pick-up lines is making us think about swearing off men forever

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the way men flirt can be problematic: late-night messages, disgusting innuendo, unseemly emoji use. Every gay man has at least one toxic pick-up line burned into their memory, unable to be erased.

And that’s especially the case when screenshots are involved. (Sorry to say, but Grindr messages are forever!)Over the weekend, there was a viral Gay Twitter™ thread in which men shared their most disastrous flirting experiences.

Unsurprisingly, the bulk of examples offered up occurred on the apps. For some reason, we often seem to forget there’s a person behind the avatar.

Or at least, we hope you all are forgetting. Otherwise…I dunno about ever but this was yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it got called unicorn barf from a guy on Grindr while I was in Spain me if I wanna be 'traffiqued' a grindr message a few years ago."You look good with your shirt off"How would you know?"I saw you through your kitchen window "Immediately blockedI will never forget this isn’t to say being forward, or risqué, is always bad.

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