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WATCH: Lee Pace gets completely naked for sweaty fight scene in sci-fi series

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massive raise.This Friday, the streamer drops the second season of its sci-fi series, Foundation, an epic saga about the adventures of “a band of exiles” who break all the rules in order to save the Galactic Empire—and humanity itself—from destruction.To be frank, Foundation‘s heady, complex take on hard science fiction (it’s based on books from Isaac Asimov) isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

And while it does boast internet boyfriend Lee Pace as its marquee star, there aren’t a lot of other big names involved in the cast.

It’s not the easiest sell!All of that is to say: AppleTV+ knew it’d have to go all out if they wanted folks to tune in for the second season of this (surely expensive!) show…And they did just that by sharing an early clip, which is a two-minute long action sequence which features—no joke—a sweaty and completely naked Pace fighting for his life against robotic assassins.See for yourself:Like, who is the (presumably) gay genius who dreamed this sequence up?

Who had to break the news to Pace, and was he initially hesitant to do a nude set piece, or was he all in? (Our bet’s on the latter, considering his body is in peak shape and is just screaming to be captured on camera.)We’re proud of Pace for being one of Hollywood’s most versatile actors, a true Renaissance man, and himself.

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