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“I was not anticipating that outcome”: Jax talks Drag Race exit

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“After back-to-back weeks of sending girls home,” Jax didn’t “anticipate” a lip-sync challenge leading to her Drag Race downfall.

The eighth episode of season 15 saw the return of the LaLaPaRUza, with the queens competing in several lip-sync smackdowns before a final sudden death elimination round.

After losing her lip-sync against Mistress Isabelle Brooks and joint showdown with Anetra and Luxx Noir London, Jax and Anetra served flips, kicks and splits – and walked that fucking duck! – to the beat of CeCe Peniston’s 80s classic Finally.

Ru ultimately chose to save Anetra, with Jax getting the chop. Viewers came out in droves to support Jax; many expressded that she was “Jasmine Kennedie-d” due to their similar trajectories as lip-sync assassins who annihilated each of their respective LaLaPaRUza’s but were sent packin’ anyway.

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