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Do you pass the gay tests that are going viral online?

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Lady Gaga fan account on Tuesday. It posted a heavily pixelated image and told viewers: “This is a gay test,”Scroll down slowly if you don’t want to immediately see the answer…this is a gay test who posted it, many quickly identified the image.It’s the cover artwork for the singer’s 2013 album ArtPop.The tweet quickly racked up over 30,000 likes.

A slew of further gay tests has followed.For example, we think this Oscar-winning drama is pretty easy:this is a gay test is this Britney-related one:this is a gay test. this one: is a little tougher, but we also quickly identified it:This is a gay test.’s the “in front of my salad?” woman from a cult gay adult entertainment video.In fact, adult entertainment threw up quite a few tests.

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