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YouTube hunk Markiplier’s next frontier may be apparel for trans people

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OnlyFans era, himbo king Markiplier is back to give the LGBTs everything we could want.A recent Instagram Live for his Cloak apparel line saw the YouTuber fielding a suggestion from a viewer about a new trans-inclusive item the brand could start producing.He had never heard of the item, wondering aloud, “What are chest binders?

Like a sports bra?”The chat lets him know what’s up:MARKIPLIER IS GOING TO LOOK INTO MAKING CLOAK BRANDED BINDERS FOR TRANS PEOPLE????? quickly exclaims, “Oh, for trans people! Oh, okay!”They couldn’t have picked a cuter winner.He assures that they’ll look into creating chest binders and encourages folks to submit the idea through his website’s contact feature.“Honestly, I’ve never heard of that,” he explains. “I’ll look into that immediately.”For anyone similarly in the dark on chest binders, many transmasc and nonbinary people wear them to flatten the appearance of their chests.

Professionally made binders are more effective than a sports bra, while also being more reliable and safer than binding with, say, an ace bandage.

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