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Fox News Slammed for Celebrating Pride Month—'Woke Bandwagon'

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Fox News is the latest company to become the target of a boycott campaign after it celebrated Pride month.Calls from conservatives to boycott popular brands including, Bud Light, Target and Hershey's for their partnerships with LGBTQ people or acknowledgment of the LGBTQ community have gained traction over the past few months.Now, Fox News has earned the ire of some people accusing the media organization of jumping on the "woke bandwagon."Self-described children's author Matt Walsh went viral when he tweeted a screenshot of a page on the Fox News website that celebrated diversity, including this month's celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride.Under its "America Together, Celebrating Diversity" initiative, Fox News wrote: "Fox News Media celebrates the contributions to America by the LGBTQ+ community." Other minority groups celebrated on that page include Women's History Month and Black History Month, among others.But Walsh was not impressed and tweeted: "Your trusted conservative news source is celebrating diversity this LGBTQ+ Pride Month," alongside the screenshot.That tweet has been viewed 1.7 million times and many people commented in agreement."The woke bandwagon beckons," replied one person and another added: "I'm glad I cancelled our Fox Nation subscription.

I wish I could cancel it twice!"Elsewhere on Twitter, some people pointed out Fox News is known to be conservative and previously dedicated many hours to coverage of the controversy surrounding chain store Target.

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