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George Santos works hard to reinvent himself… as a fashion expert

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But before we dive into the rack gowns…what in the world was Chrissy Teigen wearing?#WHCD23Then he posted a thread of his favorite looks.Best dressed for the #whcd2023 ?: then posted a list of looks that he felt didn’t quite hit the mark.The misses of the #WHCD23 ?:Not a knock at the people it’s just the overall look didn’t land.’s worth noting that NPR Tamara Keith, who made it on to Santos’ ‘worst dressed’ list, wore an outfit in homage to a classic actress and movie.WAIT stop I need everyone to know that Tamara Keith won the White House Correspondents Dinner by wearing the EXACT SAME dress Holly Hunter’s character wore to the WHCD in my fave 80s film Broadcast News!!And no I won’t shut up about how perfect this is.

She won Nerd Prom. than offer fashion advice, you’d think Santos might instead concentrate on highlighting the work he’s doing for his constituents.Online, many were unimpressed, particularly by his critique of some of the outfits.Seek help.You should have sent them this for inspiration of the best fashion!’re a disgrace to our district- we deserve better than the likes of you#NY03 would be better off with a vacant seat instead of your empty suit#RESIGN to give yourself adequate time to prepare for prison lifeGeorge, as always, laser-focused on his job.This guy critiquing fit and fashion, it's George.

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