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LISTEN: The long-forgotten Madonna R&B bop that even she probably doesn’t remember recording

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Madonna‘s ninth studio album American Life. Though critics and fans were divided over it at the time, today it is remembered as one of the most daring, boundary-pushing, and forward-thinking albums of her career.At the time, Madonna promoted American Life with a small promo tour, four singles (and three music videos), and that iconic performance with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Missy Elliot at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.Then in the fall of 2003, she released the Remixed & Revisited EP as a final promotional push for the album, which had proven to be a commercial dud, as well as to close out her contract with Maverick Records.While largely thought of a throwaway project today, the seven-track EP contained four remixed songs from American Life, plus a remix of Madonna’s 1985 single “Into the Groove”, the live performance from the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, and the song “Your Honesty.”Madonna originally wrote “Your Honesty” in 1994 with producer Dallas Austin during the Bedtime Stories recording sessions.

Why the song, which is a certified bop, didn’t make it onto the final album remains a mystery, but we’re glad it eventually found a home on Remixed & Revisited.The funky mid-tempo R&B track finds the singer expressing her adoration for her lover, who has completely won her over with his soothing voice, his hypnotic gaze, his sensual touch, his honesty.

She’s so blown away by his sincerity, in fact, that at one point she starts singing in French!“Embrasse-moi mon amour/pour ce soir, pour toujours/Dis-moi la vérité/Oui je sais toujours” she grooves, which roughly translates to “Kiss me, my love/For tonight, for all time/Tell me the truth/Yes, I always know.”Madonna has never performed “Your Honestly” live,.

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